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Dromquinna Manor

Dromquinna Manor, set in the picturesque Kenmare, Co. Kerry, is an exquisite venue that captivates with its serene waterfront estate, offering a truly magical backdrop for weddings. I’ve had the privilege to contribute to many joyous celebrations at this enchanting location. The Manor’s unique blend of natural beauty and elegant luxury creates the perfect setting for a wedding cake from Gabi Bakes Cakes, where each creation is tailored to complement the venue’s stunning surroundings and the couple’s personal taste.

The sprawling estate of Dromquinna Manor, with its manicured gardens and breathtaking views of the water, offers endless opportunities for unforgettable moments. From intimate ceremonies set against the backdrop of lush greenery to grand receptions in their beautifully appointed spaces, the Manor provides an unmatched ambiance. My experience working with their dedicated team has always been seamless, ensuring that every cake presentation is as flawless as the setting itself.

For brides dreaming of a day filled with elegance, romance, and exquisite details, Dromquinna Manor is a venue that promises just that. Paired with a bespoke wedding cake from Gabi Bakes Cakes, your celebration will be an affair to remember. Each cake I create is crafted with the utmost care, designed to echo the Manor’s enchanting elegance and your unique love story, making your wedding day as beautiful and distinctive as the venue itself.

Location: Tralee, County Kerry

FAQs about Dromquinna Manor

What makes Dromquinna Manor a unique venue for weddings?
Dromquinna Manor is a standout venue due to its stunning waterfront estate in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. The Manor combines natural beauty with elegant luxury, offering a serene and picturesque setting perfect for weddings. Its expansive gardens and striking views of the water make it an idyllic choice for couples looking for a magical backdrop on their special day.
Dromquinna Manor provides a range of wedding settings, from intimate ceremonies amid lush greenery to grand receptions in their luxuriously appointed spaces. The estate’s versatile landscapes allow for a variety of outdoor and indoor celebrations, all benefiting from the Manor’s breathtaking waterfront views.
To book your wedding at Dromquinna Manor, visit their website at Dromquinna Manor or contact their events team directly. They offer personalised planning services and can provide detailed information about venue availability, wedding packages, and bespoke options tailored to your needs.
Dromquinna Manor offers a range of accommodation options for wedding guests, ensuring comfort and luxury throughout their stay. The Manor boasts beautifully styled rooms and cottages, perfect for guests wishing to stay on the estate. For more details on accommodations, it’s best to contact the Manor directly or explore their website.
Yes, I am pleased to deliver and set up custom wedding cakes at Dromquinna Manor. I ensure that each cake not only complements the aesthetic of the venue but also meets the personal taste of the couple, aligning perfectly with the Manor’s enchanting elegance and the overall theme of the wedding.
I work closely with Dromquinna Manor’s staff and other vendors to ensure seamless integration of the wedding cake into your day. This collaboration involves coordinating timings, space arrangements, and aesthetic details with florists, decorators, and the venue team to ensure the cake presentation enhances the splendour of your wedding and fits harmoniously within the Manor’s setting.

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