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Tucked away in the vibrant town of Killorglin, County Kerry, 10 Bridge Street presents a harmonious marriage of historical grandeur and modern chic, positioning itself as an extraordinary venue for wedding festivities. Once a revered Church of Ireland sanctuary known as St James’ Church, this architectural gem has gracefully transitioned from its sacred beginnings to become a cornerstone of the community’s social and celebratory life. Its restoration has carefully preserved the essence of its 300-year legacy to its status as a beloved landmark. The structure’s original features, including the limestone rubble stone walls, the iconic pitched slate roof, and the mesmerizing rose window, are complemented by the cobblestone laneway leading up to the entrance tower and creating an atmosphere of awe and reverence.

As an elegant and historic space, it introduces a lively and informal ambience, where modern culinary delights, fine wines, and a sophisticated atmosphere are the order of the day. The venue’s high, vaulted ceilings and the preservation of the original stained glass windows serve as a nod to its storied past, while the flexible, imaginative approach to wedding receptions and celebrations speak to its current incarnation. It’s this distinctive combination of the traditional and the modern that sets 10 Bridge Street apart, ensuring it’s not merely a venue, but a backdrop for memories that last a lifetime.

Gabi Bakes Cakes delights in being a chosen supplier for select weddings at 10 Bridge Street, where our bespoke cakes add a touch of sweetness to the unique blend of history and elegance the venue offers. Meticulously designed to complement the grand surroundings of Killorglin’s prized venue, our creations aim to make each celebration even more unforgettable. We’re thrilled to contribute our culinary artistry to the special days celebrated at this historic site, enhancing the joy and beauty with cakes as memorable as the venue itself.

Location: Killorglin, Co Kerry

FAQs about 10 Bridge Street

What makes 10 Bridge Street a unique venue for weddings?
10 Bridge Street, set in the vibrant town of Killorglin, Co Kerry, uniquely blends historical grandeur with modern chic. Originally a Church of Ireland sanctuary, this venue retains its architectural charm with limestone walls, a pitched slate roof, and original stained glass windows, providing a stunning backdrop for weddings that combine tradition with contemporary elegance.
10 Bridge Street features an elegant setting with high, vaulted ceilings and a dramatic rose window, preserving the ambiance of the original church. The venue’s flexible interior supports a variety of wedding configurations, from intimate ceremonies to lively receptions. Each event is uniquely tailored, offering options ranging from traditional multi-course meals and shared dining experiences to less formal, party-focused gatherings with plenty of food, ensuring a memorable celebration for every couple.
To book your wedding at 10 Bridge Street, please visit their official website at 10 Bridge Street or contact their events team directly. They will provide information on available dates, detailed pricing, and how they can cater to your specific wedding needs.
While 10 Bridge Street itself does not offer overnight accommodations, the venue is situated in Killorglin, where a variety of lodging options are available for guests. The events team can recommend local hotels and guesthouses close to the venue.
Yes, Gabi Bakes Cakes proudly delivers and sets up custom wedding cakes at 10 Bridge Street. We ensure that each cake not only matches the elegance of the venue but also arrives and is displayed flawlessly, enhancing the historic and chic ambiance of your special day. For more information on our delivery and setup services, please visit my Delivery Information page.
Gabi Bakes Cakes coordinates closely with 10 Bridge Street’s staff and other service providers involved in your wedding to ensure that every aspect of your cake—from design to execution—aligns perfectly with your overall wedding and schedule. This helps integrate the cake seamlessly with other elements of your celebration, such as floral designs and dining arrangements.

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