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I’m Gabi, I bake cakes.

Master cake designer

Gabi Jakelyte

Food has always been a big part of my life. Since before I could even see over the countertop, I loved spending time in the kitchen alongside my grandmother, whom I adored, watching and learning from her as she cooked and baked my favourite childhood dishes and desserts. There is just something about the experience of stopping, sitting down and being in the company of cherished friends and family, sharing food and conversation…

Working with food always felt like my calling, but there were so many avenues, and I couldn’t quite figure out which direction to go.

And then I discovered the creative side of baking, and everything changed.

I was amazed by the sea of possibilities that cake decorating entailed, and that’s where my journey into dessert artistry really began to unfold ten years ago. My kitchen became a mad scientist’s lab. I tried and failed and tried and failed again. Toppling figures and floppy buttercream. Banana with basil? You don’t even want to know…

But with every failure I learned something new. The cakes were getting tastier, the sculptures sturdier. My experiments were becoming staples — perfected recipes and decorations worth photographing. I couldn’t get enough.

Starting my own business was a challenge, but it has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. And now that I live, breathe and speak cake, I can translate your most daring ideas into something personal, imaginative, meaningful — even comical if you please — in the best form possible… cake.

Gabi the master wedding cake designer