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Kenmare, County Kerry

Sheen Falls Lodge

Sheen Falls Lodge, a jewel nestled in the heart of Kerry, stands as a testament to luxury, romance, and unparalleled beauty. This 17th-century fishing lodge has been transformed into a world-class hotel, offering a 300-acre country estate overlooking Kenmare Bay as the perfect canvas for your special day. The Lodge is celebrated for its excellence, ready to make your wedding unforgettable with its stunning views encircled by the Caha Mountains and the Sheen River​​.

The Boathouse at Sheen Falls Lodge is a unique gem for your ceremony. This waterside space, with its stone walls, glass roof, and open front, offers magical views over Kenmare Bay, creating an intimate setting for up to 80 guests. Fully restored in 2021, it combines heritage with contemporary comforts, making it a magical location for an unforgettable wedding ceremony​​.

Opting for an exclusive wedding package at Sheen Falls Lodge means indulging in intimacy and romance. The package caters to 130-200 guests, allowing for a civil ceremony on the lawn, a champagne reception overlooking Sheen Falls, and a culinary feast to rival the finest restaurants. With exclusive access, you and your guests will relish in complete privacy, luxury, and the finest Irish hospitality, from pre-wedding consultations with a dedicated planner to a complimentary stay in the Signature Suite for the newlyweds, ensuring every detail of your day is more perfect than you could ever imagine​​.

For couples dreaming of a day filled with love, opulence, and unforgettable memories, Sheen Falls Lodge offers the perfect backdrop. Together with a bespoke cake from Gabi Bakes Cake, your wedding will not only be a celebration of your union but a testament to elegance, beauty, and the joy of love.

Location: Kenmare, County Kerry

FAQs about Sheen Falls Lodge

What makes Sheen Falls Lodge a unique venue for weddings?
Sheen Falls Lodge offers a blend of luxury, romance, and scenic beauty unmatched in the heart of Kerry. This 17th-century fishing lodge turned world-class hotel is set on a 300-acre estate overlooking Kenmare Bay, framed by the Caha Mountains and the Sheen River, providing a spectacular and idyllic backdrop for weddings.
Sheen Falls Lodge features multiple settings for weddings, including the Boathouse for intimate ceremonies with its stunning views over Kenmare Bay and stone walls for up to 80 guests, and outdoor spaces like the lawn for larger civil ceremonies and receptions, accommodating up to 200 guests.
To book your wedding at Sheen Falls Lodge, visit their official website at Sheen Falls Lodge or contact their dedicated wedding planning team. They will assist you with date availability, customized packages, and any specific requirements you might have.
Sheen Falls Lodge provides luxurious accommodation options for wedding guests within its extensive estate. The lodge offers a variety of rooms and suites, all designed to offer comfort and elegance. You can discuss accommodation packages and group rates with the wedding planner.
Certainly, Gabi Bakes Cakes is delighted to deliver and set up custom wedding cakes at Sheen Falls Lodge. We work meticulously to ensure that your wedding cake complements the luxurious and romantic setting of the venue, with careful delivery and setup to coincide perfectly with your wedding schedule. For more details on our delivery and setup services, please visit my Delivery Information page.
I ensure seamless integration with Sheen Falls Lodge and other vendors by collaborating closely throughout the planning process. This includes synchronizing details with florists, decorators, and the venue’s staff to ensure that the cake perfectly fits into the overall wedding theme and logistics, making your special day as flawless as possible.

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