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Killarney, County Kerry

Cahernane House Hotel

Cahernane House Hotel, nestled on the edge of the stunning Killarney National Park, offers a truly enchanting setting for weddings. I’ve had the joy of delivering numerous wedding cakes to this exquisite venue. The hotel’s dedication to culinary excellence, combined with its breathtaking surroundings, makes it a dream location for any couple looking to tie the knot in an intimate and romantic setting.

The hotel’s unique charm and historic elegance provide an idyllic backdrop for wedding celebrations, perfectly complementing the bespoke cakes I create. From the lush gardens to the elegant dining room, every corner of Cahernane exudes a sense of exclusivity and sophistication. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with their team, ensuring that each cake not only looks spectacular but also enhances the overall ambiance of the wedding.

For brides looking to make their wedding day truly unforgettable, Cahernane House Hotel and a custom cake from Gabi Bakes Cakes are a match made in heaven. My commitment to crafting the perfect cake, paired with Cahernane’s picturesque setting and exceptional service, promises to make your special day an exquisite celebration of love and beauty.

Location: Killarney, County Kerry

FAQs about Cahernane House Hotel

What makes Cahernane House Hotel a unique venue for weddings?
Cahernane House Hotel, nestled on the edge of Killarney National Park, offers a unique blend of historic elegance and exclusive charm. The breathtaking natural surroundings and the hotel’s commitment to culinary excellence create a perfect setting for intimate and romantic weddings.
The hotel features a variety of wedding settings, including lush gardens and an elegant dining room. These venues offer a mix of natural beauty and sophisticated decor, suitable for both ceremonies and receptions.
To book your wedding at Cahernane House Hotel, visit their official website at Cahernane House Hotel or contact their events team for details on availability, pricing, and additional services.
Cahernane House Hotel offers luxurious accommodations for wedding guests. For room availability and reservations, please visit the hotel’s website or contact them directly.
Yes, Gabi Bakes Cakes offers delivery and setup services for custom wedding cakes at Cahernane House Hotel. i ensure the cake arrives on time and is set up with minimal fuss, coordinating with the venue for perfect placement and presentation. For more details on delivery and setup, visit my Delivery Information page.
I collaborate directly with other vendors involved in your wedding at Cahernane House Hotel to align the cake design and setup with the overall theme and schedule of your event. This coordination includes adjusting timing, design elements, and placement to synchronise perfectly with floral arrangements and venue decorations.

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Selection of cakes from Cahernane House Hotel

Lemon & Orange Petal Perfection
Cahernane House Hotel
Lemon and elderflower cake with a rustic textured finish
Cahernane House Hotel
Jacks Coastguard tall
Cromane, County Kerry
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Killorglin, Co Kerry
Ballyseede Castle
Tralee, County Kerry