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At Gabi Bakes Cakes, we pride ourselves on presenting beautiful and inspiring cake designs captured through professional photography. This page outlines the ownership, copyright, and licensing details concerning the content featured on our website.

Ownership and Copyrights


All photographs showcased on our website are the intellectual property of the individual photographers who captured them. Each photograph is credited to its respective photographer, either a wedding photographer or a cake photographer, as identified on the specific page where the photograph is displayed.

  • Photographer Ownership: By law, in Ireland, the EU, and worldwide, photographers retain copyright over their images. This means the photographer owns the rights to their photographs and any usage of these images outside of our website requires permission directly from the photographer.
  • If No Photographer is Named: In instances where a photograph does not have a named photographer, the rights to use and display the image have been granted to Gabi Bakes Cakes by Dave Ryan Media. However, ownership of the image remains with the photographer.

Website Design

The design and layout of the Gabi Bakes Cakes website are owned by Dave Ryan Media. This includes any graphics, logos, page layouts, and overall website aesthetic. The content created by Dave Ryan Media is protected and cannot be reproduced without explicit permission.

Image Licensing and Permissions

  • Acquiring Permissions: If you are interested in using any of the images or content featured on our site for your own purposes, please contact the respective photographer directly through the link provided with each image. For images that do not have a direct contact link, or for general inquiries about the website design, please Dave Ryan Media.
  • Licence Agreements: Specific licence agreements pertaining to the use of photographs by Gabi Bakes Cakes on this website do not transfer to third parties. Each image is used under specific terms agreed upon with the individual photographers, which may not necessarily include third-party usage rights.

Copyright Notice

All content on the Gabi Bakes Cakes website, unless otherwise noted, is copyrighted and protected under Irish and international copyright laws. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or redistribution of any content, including photos and website design, without the expressed written permission of the copyright holder is strictly prohibited.

For more information about our copyright and licensing policies or to request permission for use, please contact Gabi Bakes Cakes