Cake Flavours

Cake Flavours

Each cake I make is for you and your celebration. You have the choice of any combination of flavours to make your cake as unique as you wish.

These are my most popular flavours:

Guinness Chocolate Cake
Filled with Baileys Swiss meringue buttercream

Vanilla Cake
Filled with raspberry preserve and Swiss meringue buttercream

Lemon Cake
Filled with lemon curd and zesty Swiss meringue buttercream

Light Chocolate Cake
Filled with rich dark chocolate ganache

Cake Flavours

Vanilla  •  Chocolate  •  Lemon  •  Lime  •  Orange  •  Red Velvet  •  Coffee  •  Coconut  •  Toffee  •  Carrot  •  Banana  •  Guinness Chocolate  •  Biscuit  •  White Chocolate and Raspberry


Vanilla  •  Chocolate  •  Lemon  •  Lime  •  Orange  •  Coconut  •  Caramel  •  Coffee  •  Peanut  •  Oreo  •  Cinnamon  •  Baileys  •  Whiskey 


Dark Chocolate • Milk Chocolate • White Chocolate

Preserves and Curds

Raspberry preserve  •  Strawberry preserve  •  Blackcurrant preserve  •  Blueberry preserve  •  Lemon Curd  •  Lime Curd  •  Orange Curd  •  Raspberry Curd  •  Passion Fruit Curd

Add some Crunch

Walnut Brittle  •  Peanut Brittle  •  Almond Brittle  •  Hazelnut Brittle